Sweet routines

Photo courtesy of  Dean Shareski (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Dean Shareski (Creative Commons)

Lately my schedule seems to get busier and crazier by the day, yet there are some little routines that ground me and give me a sense of balance no matter how out of control everything feels.

My morning routine is very comforting and helps me start out the day right. I hear the coffee maker start before I’m out of bed, and then I have time for my devotions and prayer, writing and my daily run. Most mornings, my cat will snuggle in my lap for at least part of my time at the computer, purring away. After that start, I’m more prepared for whatever the day throws at me.

Saturday mornings are for my long run, a hot bath, and then meeting my mom at the Farmer’s Market. It’s nice to have something regular to look forward to.

Your routines may involve the family sitting down to dinner together, church as a family each Sunday, or talking about your plans for the day on the way to school. Holiday traditions add another layer of familiarity to life, and the anticipation of the activities can be as sweet as the events themselves.

I’m finding great comfort in the little routines lately, as life gets more demanding and new challenges pop up constantly. In fact, I feel very protective of this special time, and am learning to work around it to ensure some sense of balance and sameness in the day or the week.

Those routines reflect the things of importance in our lives, and it’s essential to maintain that connection no matter what else barrels into us. Whether it is your faith, family, personal health or other interests, those are the things that are at your core and add meaning to anything else you end up doing. Protect those values or lose yourself.

So as we launch into another week, what are the routines in your life worth protecting?

2 thoughts on “Sweet routines

  1. I know that routines are important. Like you said, they help to give a sense of balance and even focus. I know I crave those routines when Something throws it off. My morning routine would start at 6:00 and give me time to get myself dressed, read the Bible, and pray before I get the kids up at 6:30. Then I would work on getting lunches ready, help the kids get ready, and leave at 7:15. Getting off work between 1:30 and 3:00 am, though makes it difficult to follow this routine sometimes.

    • Josh I totally understand – I tend to leave the house forgetting something when my routine is disrupted. But your schedule now? That’s really tough to work around.

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