Suiting up

Photo courtesy of Evan Long (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Evan Long (Creative Commons)

Thermal pants and shirt, hat, jacket, gloves – suiting up for a romp in the snow or a winter run is a process. But the benefits are definitely worth it because you can still get out to play or exercise without it being painful.

I realized that “suiting up” for the week needs to be just such a process. The last few weeks I have felt frazzled and out of sorts, not at all organized and steady but mostly rushing around putting out fires. At the end of the day I have no idea what I accomplished, and even less of an idea what I need to get done the next day. It has been painful.

But if I suit up properly over the weekend, then maybe the week will be more productive. That means actually writing down the things that are swirling in my head that need to be done. And that means writing down all of it, because if there’s even one little thing floating up there – it will distract my focus from where it needs to be.

Also checking my calendar – don’t you hate when you have forgotten about a meeting or a commitment until your phone chirps 30 minutes (or even worse, 15 minutes) before you are supposed to be somewhere and suddenly your whole day is thrown into confusion?

Looking at the hard commitments of the week before the week starts can allow you to schedule time for planning or preparation, and also make sure you have built-in travel time (if needed) or project time around that commitment.

Blocking out time to do things at home is important too – like errands, cleaning or even laundry. Those weeks when I have obligations stacked up can be really frustrating when I get ready to run but realize I needed to wash running clothes and didn’t allow myself time to do that. Or I get ready to cook supper and don’t have all the ingredients.

Even though planning the week may be the last thing I want to deal with on a weekend that is already packed full, it sure will make the rest of the week less frustrating. And who knows, I might even find time to relax!