Success and near success in the “Thank You Revolution”

thank youOne of my three focus words this year (click here for more details) is APPRECIATE. And as a part of that, I’m a soldier in the Thank You Revolution begun by Matt McWilliams. One thing I have committed to doing is to write at least one hand-written thank you note each Thursday.

So I have a Thank You Thursday success story!

Last week, I wrote a note to a co-worker at my nonprofit who has recently taken on a new position, and shared how I felt the positive energy she is bringing to her department and the improvement in the way we serve our clients.

I really meant it and didn’t expect feedback, but this week, she told me how much that note had meant to her.

I love that! I didn’t write it to make myself feel good, but it is nice knowing you have made someone smile and feel better about the work they are doing because it was noticed. And it took me only a minute or two to write out that note.

So you would think that would spur me to be on top of writing notes this week. I’m afraid not.

Here’s my Thank You Thursday near-success confession.

I started the day with good intentions. I had someone in mind to write to, but neglected to stop right then and write out the note. Then the day got away from me. When I got home last night, I realized that I never wrote or delivered a note. Rats!

In the spirit of accountability, I tweeted to Matt:

Confession – I missed Thank You Thursday – but it’s written to be delivered first thing tomorrow. #ThankYouRevolution @MattMcWilliams2

He tweeted back that it “still counts.”

So with renewed resolve, I pledge to write AND deliver my note(s) next Thursday – and maybe even more on another day. My cards sit out on my desk as a constant reminder to be thankful.

Who have you thanked this week?

5 thoughts on “Success and near success in the “Thank You Revolution”

  1. Nothing wrong with writing them on a Friday. Or a Saturday. Or Monday morning. Or Tuesday night.

    The important thing is to not go too long without practicing the act of gratitude.

    I wrote three today because today was the right day to write them. I’m not waiting until next Thursday.

    Thank you for sharing this. The Revolution spreads!

    • Yes, the Revolution spreads. I decided I need to change my Thursday reminder to Wednesday to prevent this! And yes, I know it’s ok to do them other days, but had I missed today, it would have been more than a week. Too long! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’m going to have to double up next week 🙁 I have had two deliveries so far, both very successful. The first one is a member of my team and she has the card on display on her desk. What I’ve done is write on the back of the card “Join the Thank You Thursday Revolution. Pay it forward and send a hand-written Thank You note to someone in your life” I can’t wait to find out if we can start a chain-reaction!

    • It’s tough sometimes, but as long as it stays on the radar, I think it’s good. I’ve got mine written for today and just need to deliver. Good luck with it and thank you for stopping by!

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