Stuck in the roundabout

roundaboutLately I feel like I am stuck circling a roundabout in which all the streets that veer off have suddenly been blocked.

I have good intentions and great ideas to make improvements and forward progress, and yet I’m caught in a frustrating place where I never seem to be able to start the new things. There’s so much of the everyday stuff, that I am never get to the things that can enrich my life and make it easier to accomplish more. I just keep circling and circling, unable to break free.

But this week I am doing something new in an effort to force open one of those side streets. Before I left work on Monday, I jotted down 3-4 things that have been on my task list for weeks now, in the expectation of accomplishing them on Tuesday. Nothing grand or complicated – just a few simple projects that I can check off. Gave me great focus when I got to work Tuesday, and helped me stay on task even with multiple interruptions. Felt good to cross those things off. That will be my new final task before I leave for the day.

Getting to the gym to do weights is on my list every single week, and yet each day comes and I’m “not in the mood” and go for a run instead. Don’t get me wrong, running is great, but I do need to supplement it with some upper body and core strengthening exercises. This week, instead of saying I will dedicate a whole day’s workout to weight training, I am adding one set of exercises each day after my run. I’ve got hand weights at home, and just three sets of 10-12 reps of one exercise doesn’t take much time or energy. I have definitely felt the soreness, and I didn’t have to dread a day at the gym.

Both of these simple steps are punching open some side streets on that roundabout and helping me make progress. By starting small, I am not overwhelmed like I would be by making a big change. And I can build these simple things into new habits that will become part of the routine, and then add something else.

How do you get off that roundabout?