Strength in focus

Photo courtesy of Jessa9 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jessa9 (Creative Commons)

Part of my training for the marathon I run in April is a focused day of strength/core training in the gym. I will admit right here that this is one of my least favorite days. I much prefer running – even the long runs – to the gym workouts.

But today, I realized that what I tend to do in the gym is the same thing I do at work, and the reason I don’t accomplish much some days.

As I was doing my weights, I realized that my mind drifts off – maybe thinking about what else I have to do today, or off on a tangent after I hear something on TV. All of a sudden, I’m wondering is that 10 or 12 repetitions, or am I on the 2nd or 3rd set?

Not only am I short-changing myself by possibly not doing all the reps, but there is also a risk I’m not using the correct muscles during a particular exercise by not fully paying attention to what I’m doing at the time.

I do the same thing at work. Someone interrupts me or the phone rings, and suddenly I lose complete track of what I was doing, and many times, start something new. At the end of some days, I have stacks and stacks on my desk and nothing finished!

So my goal today is to stay focused. I will finish my workout in focus (yep, stopped the workout to come write).

I will work to completion on only one project at a time at work – even through interruptions. I will get only that stack of paperwork out and close email and internet until I finish. By flexing those mental muscles, I will accomplish more because my mind will not be processing multiple types of tasks.

And I will hold myself accountable. I will tweet “Focus gets the job done.” when I’m finished!

How to you hold yourself in focus?


4 thoughts on “Strength in focus

  1. Focus…focus…what was the question? 🙂

    I need help with this, too. I found an article that shares four tips to regain focus. Taking a short break is one. I’ll be sharing the rest of them next week on my podcast. (shameless plug 🙂

    I understand the workout dilema, too. I’ve started to workout a couple times a week at home. I’m using a DVD that has three levels. It’s a love/hate relationship so far!

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