Stick with your systems

Photo courtesy of TEDxManipalUniversityDubai  (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of TEDxManipalUniversityDubai (Creative Commons)

In the midst of chaos, don’t you find it comforting to have systems and habits in place to help you do some things?

Getting ready in the morning, for instance. You probably have a routine for your shower, dressing, etc. that you hardly even think about, but move from one activity to the next on auto-pilot.

Systems for getting your work done can function the same way.

I’m discovering that with a new project I’ve taken on, there are quite a few steps to finishing what I need to do, and it can be even more time-consuming when I just tackle it without a plan. There’s a much higher margin for error also.

But I’ve developed a bit of a routine, which when done in order, makes the project go quickly and efficiently.

Yesterday, I tried to short cut my process, and boy, did I discover that it was not a short cut! Kind of like when you try to cut through a neighborhood to miss traffic, and the road is so windy and slow that it takes twice as long!

Yeah, I had to backtrack and double-check myself and ended up not getting it right. It took me much longer to correct my mistakes. I realized right then that I need to follow my original routine and all will be well with the world!

What habits do you have that you rely on every day?


3 thoughts on “Stick with your systems

  1. I think we are on the same page on this as I move forward and take confidence in the systems I’ve used and created over the years. I can tell you that the simplest is the best… at least for a simpleton like me.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Stan – simple is best. And I am amazed at how much easier things are when I stick with the system instead of winging it!

      • Absolutely – that’s a great way to remember it – plan that work and work that plan. Thanks Stan.

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