Staying positive in the face of negatives

Photo courtesy of net_efekt (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of net_efekt (Creative Commons)

You hold your breath as you open the email – you can almost feel the negative vibes radiating from it, fearing bad news. Or worse, you face another day worried about someone, anticipating an encouraging report, and all you are met with is silence. You have a mountain of work with deadlines that you need to get through but interruptions keep you from making progress.

It’s so easy to focus on the bad things, on the past, on the not-what-you-wanted results. It takes more effort to let that roll of you and stay facing forward, looking toward better things.

But rehashing and dwelling on the negative really only makes it worse. It seems that whatever you focus on, breeds more of it, so when you are looking for the bad, then you tend to get more and more of it.

For me, Tuesdays are notorious for being my “toughest” day of the week. Somehow it’s the day that things go wrong, weird situations and questions crop up, people seem to need more assistance – it is just the most trying day of the week. But in all honesty, I do it to myself. I get up thinking, “oh no, it’s Tuesday,” and as things happen, my comment is always, “well, it is Tuesday after all.”

So in essence, I’m dooming myself to a bad day by anticipating that things will go downhill.

What if I get up next Tuesday and say – “this will be great day!” I bet if I approach Tuesday as possibly the best day of the week, things will go better. Looking for the good, positive things will make more of them show up.

Try it. I bet it works. I’ll report back on how my Tuesday went with my new attitude.

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