Starting to be brave

Photo courtesy of Generation Bass (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Generation Bass (Creative Commons)

One of the primary things I’ve been learning over the past year is bravery. Courage. I don’t know about you but I have always played it safe, hanging back from the big challenges because … I might fail, I might be embarrassed, it’s too hard, it’s too scary – what are your excuses?

I say “yes” because “no” is too difficult to pronounce. I put up with situations because conflict is too uncomfortable. I miss opportunities because fear puts up a wall that is too high to climb over. I settle for less than my dream because to imagine success is too overwhelming.

That needs to change. Just because someone asks you to do something doesn’t mean it is what you should do. I have actually said no a couple of times lately, and once I got past the dizzy feeling – I realized that it was better because I would not have been able to do that activity properly considering the other obligations I have right now.

I have pushed back in a few situations instead of sighing and feeling like a victim. Wow, talk about a good feeling! That was empowering.

Fear has such a stronghold on many of us that we can’t even imagine what life could be like in strength. But once we start fighting back, once we take that first step toward bravery, we gain momentum because we realize how powerful it is to take care of yourself and to chase your dream.

This weekend, I am totally stepping out of my comfort zone and diving head first into unknown territory. I am attending the Start Conference with Jon Acuff, based on his best-selling book Start. PLUS, I have registered for a Writer’s Workshop with Jon and Jeff Goins (author of Wrecked and The In-Between).

Having participated in the first two sessions of Jon’s Start Experiment, I am learning how important it is to state a risk toward your dream and then take steps toward achieving that risk. Just one risk at a time, one step at a time. Community support helps you as well because you are all stepping out without clearly seeing the path. You hold each other up.

I anticipate this weekend being filled with ideas and inspiration on ways to chase your dream and come closer to making it a reality. Jon talks about “punching fear in the face” and “escaping average” in the pursuit of awesome. I am putting on my boxing gloves and getting in position, Fear!

 So let me ask you – what are you doing to “Punch Fear in the Face”?