Start your day being grateful

Photo courtesy of symphony of love (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of symphony of love (Creative Commons)

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

I confess mine was, “oh no, it’s Monday.” How’s that for a great attitude to start to the day?

Right off the bat, I am shaping the kind of day I’m going to have. If I start the day dreading it, then it’s going to bother me when I head out to run in the cold, I’m probably going to struggle to find something to wear, tasks and projects will seem like unending drudgery, and any little bump in my path is going to seem like a roadblock a mile high.

Now let’s rewind a bit, and imagine what kind of day it would be if our first thought is one of gratefulness? What if we started the morning with a prayer. “Thank you Lord for a beautiful day and the opportunity to serve you.”

I bet we would have an entirely different attitude the whole day.

Instead of seeing problems, they would be opportunities. The workout becomes a chance to be healthy. We would welcome the chance to right a wrong, complete a task or a project, and make someone smile.

Even how we describe the day would be different – instead of answering the question, “how was your day?” with “ok” or “fine” or “awful” – it would be “great!”

What attitude will you have today?