Start moving

Photo courtesy of zachad (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of zachad (Creative Commons)

When I get super busy and end up with piles both physically and mentally, I can get paralyzed and find it difficult to dig out. Whether it is figuring out how to start a new project, or just cleaning up my apartment, seeing the forest as a whole can be overwhelming.

What I find most helpful is to just start somewhere, even if it isn’t the ideal place to begin. The act of moving forward, even with baby steps, can get me past that point of inertia, and then things start making more sense.

Emptying one bag from the grocery helps you see what is there and how to get the rest put away.

Writing down a few ideas for that project you have to plan can get your mind working in “solution mode” and you’ll figure out the next steps more quickly.

Putting on your exercise clothes will help you start moving out the door to the gym.

Grabbing the paper on top of your inbox gets you underway in cleaning off your desk. Then you can tackle the next messy pile.

Instead of freezing up when searching for the “right” first step, just start moving and then make your way to “right.” There likely isn’t a perfect place to start and the most important thing is to move. Things will fall into place and before you know it, you will be making progress.