Spontaneous Joy

Sweet Cece'sI am a planner. I even plan days off, with a long task of errands or tasks or things to be done. I have never been good with spontaneity, and it actually makes me kind of nervous to be around people who are. Like the folks who just decide to go visit somewhere and hope they find a hotel and that everything will work out.

The whole idea of launching into something for which you aren’t entirely sure of the outcome is a bit nerve-wracking for a planner like myself.

But I’m working on it.

I have realized that one of the side effects of my planning rigidity is that instead of enjoying where I am right now, I’m always looking toward what is next. Check that off and move on to the next task. Always watching the clock. That is a good way to miss a lot of enjoyment and fun experiences.

But yesterday, I tried something new. I had taken the day off work, and had plans of what needed to be done. But a dear friend called and instead of watching the clock, I savored the long conversation. And then I called my mom and invited her to lunch – and we ended up walking around downtown Franklin, a quaint little area of shops, and ended up at my favorite frozen yogurt shop. Totally unplanned, no agenda, but a perfect day.

We’ve been talking about doing that for months but couldn’t “fit it into the schedule.”  Turns out we didn’t need a schedule – we just needed to be spontaneous. And I think it added to the delight that it was unexpected.

I still got the things done that I needed to and had a lovely day. There might be something to this spontaneity.

What have you done lately that was spontaneous, and how would it have been different if you had planned it?