Photo courtesy of  (TschiAe) Markus (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of (TschiAe) Markus (Creative Commons)

After a crazy few weeks the end of April, I was looking forward to getting back to a normal routine. I wrote about it here. After so much change, life felt completely wild and out of control, so it was very comfortable settling into the old schedule – for about a week.

Then I started feeling restless again. I felt stuck. Instead of being comfortable, it felt stifling.

That’s when I realized I needed a spark to shake things up a bit. Not a huge overhaul, but just a little change to keep things fresh.

So I changed my running route – not drastically, just substituted one road for another for the same distance. And it changed my perspective that day. Instead of feeling bored and ready to stop, I was energized and wanted to keep going. Then later, I approached work in a better frame of mind.

The next day, I changed the route again – this time for a longer run. Breakthrough! An even better day.

What I’m realizing is that there needs to be a balance between being in constant flux and becoming stagnant. There is vitality to be gained from even a slight change.

And not just in your exercise routine. It’s important to work different muscles in other areas as well.

  • Work: Engage with different colleagues to get feedback on a project. Add supplemental reading in an area related to but not directly in your field. Attend conferences to hear thought-leaders share their ideas and research.
  • Family: Add a fun activity to your usual weekend routine, even if it’s just a walk in the park or a trip to get ice cream. Change the conversation at dinner by asking everyone to share the highs and lows of their day.
  • Worship: Sit in a different place for church or your daily devotions. Practice different types of prayer, such as using a prayer labyrinth or breath prayers. Study a particular verse in scripture in detail and explore what it means to you.

These are just a few of the areas that affect our outlook so strongly. By changing just slightly, we can deepen our knowledge, renew our relationships, and experience greater joy and connection with family, friends and colleagues.

What spark will you add to your life this week?

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