Soft clothes and comforts

Photo courtesy of Radek Szuban (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Radek Szuban (Creative Commons)

One of my favorite things is to come home after a long day, put on my soft, at-home clothes, light some candles, and settle in with a cup of hot tea. Having my cat curl up in my lap purring just completes the picture.

Seems like no matter what difficulties I dealt with during the day melt away once I’m tucked in and cozy. And having that respite resets my attitude, allowing me to think clearly again and regroup, and even additional challenges don’t seem quite so daunting.

Your comforts may be different, but the important thing is to take a step back and away from the pressures periodically so that you can gain that different perspective. If we keep barreling ahead full speed all the time, we will eventually either burn out or veer in the wrong direction, neither of which is a good situation.

Even if I go back to working on something stressful, I have a new outlook on it.

As we enter this especially busy time of year, what are your soft clothes and comforts?