Smooth sailing

Photo courtesy of Bert CR (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Bert CR (Creative Commons)

It seems like some people have cornered the market on things going right. They appear to sail through life without all the issues that others of us face, don’t you think?

They are the ones who don’t seem to struggle with money, their relationships all seem happy and solid, and you never hear about them having problems with their computers or cars or anything else. It just seems like their lives are easy and everything goes the way it should for them.

There are others I know who give the impression that nothing in their lives is ever right – every single thing is a struggle, from money to just getting out of the house each morning. From their perspective, the world is out to get them, and it’s a wonder they can even get through a day without everything crashing down.

What I’ve noticed though, is that both types of people actually deal with exactly the same issues, but their attitudes make the different in perspective. The first kind of person has learned to just roll with the punches, and keep a positive outlook. Instead of sinking down into the pit of negativity, they try to find good in everything.

This person can learn and grow from their struggles in a way that helps them face the next one a little easier. Instead of seeing the clouds, they see the rainbow. They encourage others even if they are going through difficulties themselves. They are sailing their boat over the glass-like waters.

The second kind of person stays focused on the bad things, and almost seems to draw more destructive events their way. They go into a situation anticipating the worst outcome, and often neglect to even look for alternatives. Even when things are going well, they are expecting them to go wrong, and almost gloat over the fact if they do. Their boat is constantly in choppy water.

Which person are you?