Small act, big impact

Photo courtesy of Susy Morris (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Susy Morris (Creative Commons)

To many people, $20 is not a big deal. It’s lunch money or a few items at the grocery store. It may be one of several bills in your wallet.

But to someone who is struggling to get by, $20 is a huge deal.

I saw tears in a young girl’s eyes this weekend after someone gave her $20.

I manage the thrift store at a Christian nonprofit that helps our neighbors in crisis with things like food, clothing, or financial assistance with rent/utilities. One of my cashiers quietly told me about the situation as the girl was checking out.

Turns out one of our regular customers had noticed her shopping with her little boy, and had given the $20 bill to our cashier with the instructions to help her with her purchase. When she arrived at the registers, she had a voucher from the office, so she got her clothing items for no charge to her, and then the $20 was extra so she could use it for something else.

I could see in her face how much that money meant to her. Such a small thing to that customer, but a huge blessing for this girl and her little boy. It made me wonder how many times we impact people without even realizing it – and that maybe we need to be looking for more ways.

Maybe something simple like telling a co-worker what a great job they are doing, or noticing that your spouse or child has done something for you without you having to ask. Whether it’s someone you know or a stranger, there are things you can do that are small on your part but may have a giant effect on that other person, and they don’t even have to be monetary.

How can you do something small to impact someone today?

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