Slipping past Fear

Photo courtesy of Rebecca (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Rebecca (Creative Commons)

Often we think in bold terms of conquering fear, changing directions and reaching toward our goals because big moves are required. We imagine we are leaping over the fence. That image can stop us from even attempting our goals.

But there are times when you can just quietly sneak past the fear and the hesitation, and still get to your goal. That takes determination but it is more like slipping through the loose plank of the fence.

And for some, it is the best way to reach your goals.

As an example, I do my long runs early on Saturday mornings, but recently I got up feeling not so great. To top it off, it was snowing most of the morning. I’m not a wimp about running in cold temperatures, but I do get concerned when it might be icy out there. So I waited because the weather was supposed to improve later in the day.

Late in the morning the snow stopped, and the sidewalks seemed to be drying up. I had just about convinced myself to wait on the run, but then thought I’d at least go do a short run. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish a long run and didn’t know what would happen.

I headed out, and felt awful the first mile or so. Legs felt heavy, breathing was ragged, head totally stuffed up – I seriously considered turning back. But something pushed me to go a little further. At each milestone, I took stock of how I felt (knowing I still had at least that far to get back home), and with each mile, I felt a little stronger. I ended up finishing my 10 miles with a good time.

I would have never finished if I had set out to run 10 miles because mentally it was too overwhelming. Easing into it made it seem less intimidating, and the goal more reachable. By first telling myself I would do 3 miles – but then stretching it to 5 and then 8 – it took away the pressure.

I need to do that with other goals. Instead of looking at the end goal, break it up into smaller goals to be met along the way. Before I know it, I will have reached the ultimate objective and gotten past the fear.

That huge sales goal can be terrifying, but if you break it into the dollars per week, or the number of sales per day, then it is totally doable. Before you know it, you have reached that final goal.

Writing a book is daunting. But when you think in terms of chapters, or a reasonable number of words per day, it’s not so bad, right?

Think of the goals that intimidate you. Now plan how you can ease toward them until you have slipped past the fear, hesitation and whatever else is holding you back from success.

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