Skipping stones

Photo courtesy of Zabrev (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Zabrev (Creative Commons)

It was an awful day full of frustrations, interruptions and pressure. I was late leaving work, so traffic was worse. I didn’t sleep well, and then I got up, still irritated and discouraged by the events of the prior day and anticipating more of the same for the new day.

I headed out to run, hoping that it would clear my head.

During the first part of my run, I was still angry as the events of the previous day kept replaying in my head. But then I realized I was letting the past flavor my present. And that just wasn’t right.

The image of skipping stones across a peaceful lake popped into my head. The way the stone skims across the top of the water, making fewer and fewer ripples the further away from you it gets.

I pictured each of the things that had bothered me the day before as a stone – lightly dancing across the water away from me to finally sink into the muddy bottom of the lake – a perfect resting spot.

The tension began to release from my shoulders, and the clouds in my head cleared. I realized I had let the circumstances get the best of me instead of making the best of the circumstances.

Today I will direct instead of being directed – I will find a balance in the sea of interruptions and frustrations, imagining myself releasing each negative thing like that stone across the lake.

What stones do you need to skip across the lake?