Shhhh. Silence please.

Photo courtesy of Sarah G. (Creative Commons)

Quiet. Silence. Peace.

In our over-connected world, true silence is rare. At least in my world. There’s always some disturbing noise, whether that’s the tv, music, noise from neighbors, the list goes on.

When I’m running, I focus on my breathing, and reach a sort of silence, but there is still traffic noise.

This morning is special. I hear only the quiet whirr of my computer. It’s a rare day off for me when neighbors are away at work and my cats are curled up sleeping. I’m happily typing away with my cup of tea beside me and the sun shining in on me.

I am awash in the ideas and thoughts flooding into my quieted mind. I experience this feeling sometimes when I’m running, when the clarity of thought almost brings tears because it is such a joy and a thrill. So much of the time my thoughts are muddled by distractions, muted by stress, and blocked by anxiety.

In Sunday School this week, we talked about prayer. We practiced silence, to see how comfortable we were with it, and shared what we experienced during the exercise. Some were uneasy, others talked about the flurry of thoughts they had, several mentioned how loud the noises from the other classrooms and even the ticking of the clock sounded.

I realized that I was comfortable in the silence. I found myself saying a breath prayer, and the other noise faded. The quiet is a chance to listen. I’m always talking, thinking, responding, typing or otherwise engaged in my real and virtual worlds, so the silence was an opportunity to unhook – even for just a few minutes.

I need more of that silence. And I need to learn to embrace it. In my writing, instead of focusing so much on what comes next, I need to let it flow. In my prayers, instead of talking and asking and pleading, I need to listen. What is God telling me that I’m too busy to notice? What is He telling you?

How will you seek out and embrace silence this week?

4 thoughts on “Shhhh. Silence please.

  1. Love this post. Right now I am just listening to the clock ticking and the refrigerator humming. Kids are sleeping and I’m working away. Sun is peeking out the window and the sky is purple and pink. I don’t have very many moments like this. Thanks for the reminder to listen.

  2. Carol, loved this post because silence is so difficult to find in daily living. You write about your connection with breath and how that brings peace. You remind me to take a piece of silence every day.

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