Sell the silver lining

Photo courtesy of James (Jim) Baker (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of James (Jim) Baker (Creative Commons)

As the local weatherman recently told us about some awful stormy weather headed our way, he commented that he liked to “sell the silver lining” by then sharing that things would be warmer and nicer later in the week.

I started to wonder, how often do I miss the chance to “sell the silver lining”?

When things start to seem overwhelming, whether it’s with work, health, family, or just the sheer amount of “stuff” to do and think about, do I get caught up in the negativity of it and forget that there always is a silver lining?

As an example, part of my job is managing the client and donor databases at a nonprofit that helps people in need. So when I am busy entering client data, that means that a lot of people are getting the help they need with food, rent or utilities, and when I’m overwhelmed entering donor information, that means that a lot of people were generous enough to give to help others. The workload doesn’t seem so bad when I look at it that way.

Instead of falling into a negative sink hole next time you are faced with overwhelming difficulty, try to turn it around and find that one positive aspect or the reward at the end of the trial.

It may feel like everything is crashing in around us, but I bet if we take a deep breath and step back, we will realize that somehow we are being made stronger, more appreciative of the reward when it comes, and better able to handle the next problem when it comes along.

Because it’s inevitable that there will be more challenges and more silver linings.

What silver lining can you look forward in the difficulties you are experiencing?