Running the race route

Photo courtesy of Kenton Forshee (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Kenton Forshee (Creative Commons)

The Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville that I run in two weeks is very hilly. I had heard that from folks who have run it in the past, but I found out for myself today. I ran 12 miles yesterday on the race route with two friends from the church team. And boy, did my legs feel like rubber toward the end!

I had not planned to run with them, but they kept asking and inviting, and I finally gave in because it did seem like a good idea not to be completely surprised on race day. I am so glad I did because it won’t make it any easier physically, but at least mentally I’ll have a better idea what to expect and not be caught off guard.

It is a beautiful route through downtown Nashville, including West End and historic Music Row. It will be very different that day without traffic and with 40,000 other people running with me!

But today was my last long run, and according to my training schedule, I”m to start tapering. For me, that means still probably 5 miles a day and maybe 10 next Saturday. Yeah, the two rest days I’m supposed to take before the race – probably just one. But at least I’m trying to stick to my training schedule as much as possible.

With two weeks left, I am just over halfway to my goal of raising $1,500 for access to clean water in Haiti through World Vision. I would be grateful if you would consider donating at my page at Thank you for your generosity.