Roller coaster week

Photo courtesy of  Andréia (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Andréia (Creative Commons)

I have a new incentive to run. Those of you who know me realize that I am not lacking in determination (or stubbornness, however you want to put it), and that when I set my mind to something, I do it.

But I have even more motivation to run these days besides training for a marathon.

A friend told me about a Facebook group called I Run for Michael, in which people who run are paired with people who cannot. I signed up, and was paired with Bennett, who is 19 months old with Down Syndrome and who is amazing. After connecting with his mom, I can tell this is going to be a very humbling experience.

Already, I have pushed through the lingering discomfort of a pulled hamstring to run several days – primarily because I thought about the fact that Bennett was pushing through I can’t even imagine what in therapy as he learns to walk. What a thrill to post on the site that I ran miles for Bennett!

but you know how some weeks can be a roller coaster?

Running for Bennett was the peak of my roller coaster ride.

The valley was the decision that I’m going to run the half instead of the full marathon because my hamstring is still too sore to do the miles I need to be doing now in training for the full. I’m extremely disappointed, but have to listen to my body and give in on this. There will be other races.

Now I need to figure out where I am in the training cycle for the half, and make sure I’m ready for that. The 8 miles I ran yesterday were SO slow (a fast walker likely could have passed me). Need to work on getting my leg fully healed so I can pick up speed again.

Spring is coming here in Middle Tennessee, so outside runs are more pleasurable again. Nice seeing things starting to bloom, and not having to wear so many layers!

My reason for running this race is to raise $1,500 for Team World Vision, and I would greatly appreciate if you would visit my fundraising page (click here) and donate even a small amount. The money will help provide access to clean water to people in Haiti. Thank you so much!