Riding shotgun with fear

Photo courtesy of Stephen Wolfe

Photo courtesy of Stephen Wolfe

Fear is not a good driver, and riding shotgun with him is pretty scary. He drives really fast, and screeches around curves on two wheels, slams on the brakes and then floors it to start off again.

Fear encourages me to do things I shouldn’t – focus on the wrong tasks, drink too much coffee, stay up too late, get caught up in the now instead of dreaming and planning for the future. He insists I say yes to too much and feel guilty when I say no.

I’d rather ride with Discipline. He is a great driver, slow and steady. With him, I practice good judgment, make better decisions, and take care of myself mentally and physically. He encourages me to say no to things that keep me from following my dream and mission.

When fear is in charge, life seems unpredictable and overwhelming. I end up scrambling to finish everything and always feel on edge and jittery. Being with fear is like trying to carry too much and then you start dropping things.

Fear is the conductor who is keeping a different beat for every section of the orchestra. Cacophony results.

Discipline is a calming presence. When he’s around, things just go more smoothly. There’s no rushing around, no guilt, no panic. It’s like having your list perfectly in order from task to task, the load is easy to manage and nothing gets dropped.

The orchestra plays flawlessly when Discipline directs.

Who is driving in your life?

2 thoughts on “Riding shotgun with fear

  1. Isn’t Fear more exciting sometimes? Driving with Discipline is like driving with your Granny in the slow lane. You know you’re going to get there but you brought a book along for the ride. Fear is dangerous, unpredictable, maybe a little bit sexy. Yes, you have more chance of crashing but WHAT A RIDE!! 🙂

    • I agree – riding with Fear is quite a ride – but I can’t do that all the time! It’s ok every once in a while but only every once in a while! Thanks for commenting!

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