Rewarding myself

Photo courtesy of JimmyMac210 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of JimmyMac210 (Creative Commons)

Sometimes the only way I can get things done is to make up a reward that I’ll give myself when I’m finished. Do you do that?

For instance, in the winter, one of the best ways I can get through a frigid run outside is to tell myself there’s a hot shower and coffee waiting when I finish.

This weekend, I had several “not favorite” chores I needed to get done, so I told myself I could sit on the porch and read for a bit when I was through (and have a bite of dark chocolate). It sure did help me get through those chores so I could relax for a bit.

I need to think more in terms of rewards at work too. If I sit at my desk and finish that report, then I get to do ____ (fill in that blank). If I’m smart about the reward, I can link it to something that is productive and helpful (even healthy) and make even more progress.

For instance, if I tell myself I will finish that report at my desk, and then do a walk around the building, touching base with my team, I not only get some exercise that clears my head, but I reconnect with my team, and usually find things that I can either improve on, congratulate them on, or consider solutions for. That’s a win win win!

How can you reward yourself for finishing those unpleasant tasks?