Recognizing Happy

Photo courtesy of Thai Jasmine (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Thai Jasmine (Creative Commons)

Do you even notice when you are happy?

Actually, happy may be too strong a word, when what I really mean is contented. Or satisfied.

It’s too easy to get sucked into the swirl of work, obligations and stress that we deal with every day and forget to notice when we are happy. Little cheerful moments may be obscured and forgotten in the blur of the day.

It’s important to pay attention to the good things that are happening so that you don’t only focus on the bad – or the indifferent. It might just be something to smile about, but it will improve your day to notice.

I’ve been using an app on my phone called “Happier” – and it may sound silly, but it seems to be helping. You can set it up so that you share with friends or on other social media, but I’ve set my account up as private – just for me. You can note happy moments – with pictures if you like – and it becomes a log of happiness that I can look back on.

When you share the moment – confetti falls so it’s like a little mini celebration each time I share. Plus, you can set up reminders – so in the middle of whatever else I’m doing, I’m reminded to note something I’m happy about.

A task list app I am trying called Any.Do will tell me “good job!” or “way to go!” once I have marked things off my list as completed. It makes me smile and also feel like I’ve accomplished something.

As I get bogged down in the negatives of the day, both tools are reminding me that it’s not all bad. They don’t increase my share of happiness, but they sure help me notice it.

What makes you happy?