Recharging your batteries

Photo courtesy of Micheal J (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Micheal J (Creative Commons)

I’ve noticed that lately, my cell phone doesn’t hold a charge very long, and I have to plug it in often (yes, that is partly a commentary on how much I use it as well as its age). It also can drop more quickly from a 50-60% charge to shutting itself off if I’m not paying attention!

I think we can get to that point too when we push harder and harder with more stress and less rest. Especially this time of year when there is so much that needs to be done at work, at home, shopping, entertaining – it’s easy to let our own personal energy levels drop from 50% to zero too quickly. I suspect that is part of why tempers flare, impatience is rampant, and meltdowns are so common.

On top of feeling on edge and overwhelmed, add the pressures of dealing with more traffic just getting around town, lines everywhere, unreasonable expectations of “traditions” and things you “should” do. You have compounded the frustration levels so they are off the charts.

It is all worth it?

Simple answer is NO.

In the end, no one will remember that you had every single decoration up, that you attended every party and event, or that there were more presents than would fit under the tree. What you and others will remember might just be the sweet conversation, that one especially thoughtful gift, or the time spent working a puzzle or playing a game together instead of rushing around.

I’m taking care of myself better this year by making smarter decisions about activities as well as food, exercise, and rest. Like my phone, I’m recharging more often – making sure to have quiet time by myself, without TV or radio blaring. That has meant saying no to some things, and knowing that in the end, I’ll be better for the people around me who matter because I’m not burned out, sick and cranky.

How are you recharging your batteries?