Prompts and reminders

LEbandI need reminders. Daily cues that keep me on track. Prompts that keep an idea or a goal in focus for me.

Earlier this year I trained for a half marathon to raise money for clean water through World Vision. I had an orange World Vision bracelet that I wore as a reminder every day of what I was doing (training) and why I was doing it (clean water).  It kept me focused on my goals.

This weekend, I attended Jon Acuff’s Start Conference and left filled to capacity with courage and inspiration to step out in strength not just toward my dreams, but in pursuit of my life goal of impacting lives in a positive way. But as my other responsibilities and everyday worries came crashing back to the forefront, some of that drive faded. It’s too easy to forget about those dreams and get swept away in the mundane tasks of getting by.

One of Jon’s daughters was selling rubber band bracelets ( so I bought one. It is a simple reminder every day to Start, to be brave, and to quit sitting on the sidelines and get in the game.

And as if the bracelet was not enough of a reminder, this morning, there were two references to the same idea in my devotionals.

“Be brave and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged.” Words of strength and hope in Joshua 1:9 and 1 Chronicles 22:13 – and what are the odds that those words would both be the featured scripture in two different devotional booklets on the same day? Guess I need to pay attention.

What reminders do you have to be brave and to start living your dream?