Progress on the journey

3 words 2013aEach month, I like to evaluate my progress with my three focus words, JOURNEY, APPRECIATE, DELIGHT. You can read more about how I chose my three words here.

First off, I need to thank Mike Davenport for the wonderful illustration of my three words. You can go to to see more of his excellent work.

I am excited to report that I have made some progress with the most difficult (for me) of my three focus words this month. DELIGHT!

I have intentionally sought some situations which I can happily describe as delightful. Lunch in a new restaurant with one friend and a long, satisfying phone conversation with another dear friend are two of my experiences just last week.

As for JOURNEY, that continues to be a challenge. Because of so many commitments, my days are frequently a blur, and I get to the end of the week without even being able to tell you what I did – I just know I was crazy busy the whole time. That is not savoring the journey.

So I need to continue to focus on being aware of and enjoying the Journey, rather than just fighting to make it through another week without losing my sanity!

Another challenge for me has been a pulled hamstring, which is hampering my training for the marathon. I have not had a pain free run for nearly 2 weeks now.  I am using the elliptical at the gym, so I’m still getting in good workouts, but I’m stressed at not being able to run. Mentally as well as physically, I need to remain focused on the experience of becoming more fit, by whatever means. That’s difficult for me.

Surprisingly, APPRECIATE has been the easiest to execute of my three words. As part of Matt McWilliams’ Thank You Revolution, I have consistently delivered at least one hand written thank you note to someone each Thursday, and usually more during the week. I find myself saying thank you more often and meaning it, and being more aware of how much people do for me or for each other. It’s a beautiful thing!

I am so pleasantly surprised at how impactful my three words have been on my choices and decisions already this year. No, I’m not perfect, but I do view many of my decisions through the lens of those words. I’m much more effective and happier when I do.

Have you chosen three words and if so, how are you doing?