Practicing gratitude

Photo courtesy of Kate Ware (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Kate Ware (Creative Commons)

Do you thank the people you work with for doing a good job? What about your family?

The busier we get, it seems the less likely we are to acknowledge the hard work of those around us on our team, our spouse or people we volunteer with at church.

What a difference it would make if we paid just a little compliment – a simple, “Thank you for taking care of that,” or “Boy you are working so hard.”

The more specific the appreciation, the better. It’s one thing to say “good job” but to tell them specifically what you have noticed they are doing well lets them know that you really are paying attention to their efforts.

How can you practice gratitude today?

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  1. Join the “Thank You Revolution”! Stop by Matt McWilliams’ site to learn more. Start by sending a handwritten thank you note to a deserving person. Try doing this once a week (I do it on Thursdays – Thank You Thursday).

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