Pausing to remember why

Photo courtesy of Mike Rastiello (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Mike Rastiello (Creative Commons)

I bet you are a lot like me these days – rushing along with your duties, tasks, responsibilities, family, your life. There’s so much to do, and not nearly enough time to do it. You often think you should cut back, but it’s so hard to say no, and besides, who else would do it? You feel pulled in so many directions, but they are all important, so when asked to do yet another thing, you answer with a resounding yes.

Or maybe you say yes – but this is the last time. But you know deep down it won’t be the last time.

Do you know why you are doing these things? Do you ever take a step back and examine whether your why has gotten lost in all your doing?

Are you so overwhelmed and consumed with busyness, that you have gotten away from the enjoyment and value of the activities to begin with?

I get totally caught up in this trap, and have to consciously take time to step back periodically to examine my motives. It’s not as if I say yes to things that don’t mean something to me. Each of the activities is very important, but the meaning gets diluted when there is too much. Too many meetings, too many tasks, too many communications – before long, the reason why is obscured, and it becomes just something else to do. And then the dread starts, and before you know it, you are doing it for the wrong reasons, and not accomplishing your goals.

It’s important to pause. Stop the doing. Take a look at all the things you are committed to, and see what is really the most important. Then maybe shave back activities in one area, so that you can really focus and make the area that is most important – well, important again.

Remember why you are doing these things and make sure you still agree they are the things to do. I bet it will make a difference in your attitude and your motivation.