Ownership is a choice

Photo courtesy of Derek Bruff (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Derek Bruff (Creative Commons)

Do you own your choices?

I’ve noticed a change in my thinking lately and it has a lot to do with ownership and choices.

I realize that when I own my choices – good or bad – I am better able to handle the results. Even if the results aren’t what I expected or wanted, if I have taken ownership of that initial decision, I can deal with the results better.

I have seen people who veer toward victim mentality – from their perspective they have no control and the world is against them. Anything that happens gets a negative spin and they jump to assume that everyone they deal with has ulterior motives. Someone asks a simple question about a project, and they immediately think the person is pressuring them to finish. Their boss asks for a meeting and they assume the worst.

I admit there are times when I dip into this pool, but I am realizing how unhealthy that mind frame is, and I am working hard to avoid it.

One thing to keep in mind is that everything is a choice – doing or not doing, yes or no, even not making a decision. Procrastination is a choice. I am learning to own my choices and then taking it a step further, to own the results (or consequences).

In a lot of cases I’m already making choices that are healthy for me – I do not buy or eat things like potato chips (my weakness) and if I do, then I have to own the fact that I won’t feel great afterward. If I stay up too late or drink too much coffee, then I have to own the fact that I will be tired or jittery.

The more difficult things are turning down requests for me to do things or take on new responsibilities, but I am learning that by saying no to some things, then I can do other things better. Otherwise, I don’t do any of it very well and end up feeling overwhelmed. That’s when victim mentality can creep in. I have to own the fact that I can’t do it all.

Are you owning your choices?