On the brink of change

Photo courtesy of owenfinn16 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of owenfinn16 (Creative Commons)

Change is coming, can you feel it in the air? It may only be the changing of the seasons for you, but for many people, there are new jobs, new babies, new homes or new situations.

How do you navigate through the change without losing your sanity?

With the major changes about to happen in my own life, I’m looking at it as a great adventure. Here’s what I’m doing to embrace the journey:

  • Maintain what’s most important – for me, my quiet time in the morning is the most critical part of my day. I am up early and have spent time in prayer and scripture, writing, and running before most people are even awake. No matter what, it’s important that I protect that habit because it starts my day off in the right frame of mind.
  • Be flexible – you may like doing things a certain way, but in the midst of change, don’t be afraid to look for a better (or different) way. Don’t get stuck in “it’s always been done this way” mentality.
  • Stay positive – sinking into negativity not only clouds your thinking, but makes those around you miserable too. If you can keep a positive outlook, even the worst situation will not seem so bad. And really, how often do we really experience the worst-case scenario?
  • Find something good – you may not welcome the change that is happening, but I bet there is something you can salvage out of it, even if it’s just that you are learning something new or meeting new people. Look for the rainbow after the storm.

Change is pretty certain in all of our lives, so we might as well learn to embrace it. Remembering to focus on the journey and not the destination can help reduce the stress involved. After all, the journey is where the richness of life resides. Drink in that richness.

How do you embrace change?