Off the worry list

Photo courtesy of Backdoor Survival (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Backdoor Survival (Creative Commons)

Ever have those pesky little tasks or projects that are relatively insignificant, but hang over you and can keep you awake at night? Not anything urgent, although honestly, if they stay on the to do list too long, then they might become urgent.

For me, it’s things like updating my password and username list, or a list of which bills get paid when and how – things that I know without having to look at, but if something were to happen to me, how would anyone else know and be able to take care of things?

Or straightening the closet or desk drawer – you know the one that every time you go to you say to yourself, “this is so messy, I really need to clean that out.”

I have been intentional while off work for Christmas break to take care of some of these things, and am amazed at the feeling of relief each check mark brings. I also wonder why on earth it took me so long to do some of these things. Many times, the task takes just minutes – and yet I wasted all that mental energy berating myself for not doing it and thinking about how badly I did not want to do it. Then poof, it’s done. Silly, isn’t it?

With some momentum building, I am making plans to knock even more off that worry list. What a great feeling it will be to start the new year with less baggage, fewer nagging little tasks, and a clean slate to begin dreaming.

What little tasks could you knock off your worry list?

One thought on “Off the worry list

  1. I do the little ones as a way to procrastinate doing the overwhelming big ones! Maybe if I broke the big ones into little steps, I could knock them out more easily.

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