Now what?

Photo courtesy of Sarcasmo (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Sarcasmo (Creative Commons)

Now what? That’s the question I sometimes feel like asking when I’m having a rough day. What else can go wrong is really what I mean.

But what I really need to be asking is “What next?” and mean what good thing is next?

Usually when I’m having a difficult day, struggling with more than I think I can handle, or facing things I just don’t want to have to deal with, that’s when a blessing appears.

It’s the one friendly face in the mass of complainers, the happy email in the inbox full of problems, the hug when you feel like you’re being punched by the world. But you have to be looking because you can so easily miss it.

I find myself too often looking down and inside, so focused on the grind that I am not even aware of what’s going on around me. The other day I was reminded once again as I was running (well, it felt like crawling) up the last hill. I happened to glance up to see 4 beautiful deer, just at the top of the hill. They watched me for a moment and then turned and silently ran back into the woods. If I had not looked at that exact moment, I would have missed that stunning sight.

So now I look up and ask, “What next?”