Nourish your mind and spirit

Photo courtesy of William Brawley (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of William Brawley (Creative Commons)

Do you feel depleted? I realized recently that I had so much on my plate and felt so overwhelmed just getting through my day that I was neglecting two of the most important parts of my life – my mind and spirit.

It’s easy to do when you get pulled in so many directions every day – work, family, church, volunteering, friends, email, social media – the list goes on and on. The phone is chirping constantly with incoming “stuff,” obligations and commitments seem to multiply exponentially, and before long, everything becomes a blur.

I knew I needed to start intentionally replenishing myself, and I have to admit, it’s helping me stay more positive and focused in all the other areas of my life as well. One of my three focus words this year is NOURISH (read more here), and while it can be taken in the physical sense, that of eating well and nourishing my body, I also view it at other levels, such as mental and spiritual nourishment.

Some of the things I’ve gotten back to doing on a regular basis include seeking out inspirational books and other materials that empower me and lift me up or develop my leadership skills. Several of the books that are feeding me now include Simplify by Bill Hybels, Be Unstoppable by Alden M. Mills, and One Less, One More by Robbie Vorhaus.

Listening to messages from powerful speakers such as Brian Houston, Andy Stanley and others helps me change my perspective, especially on days when it feels like the world is pummeling me. I have several websites bookmarked just for that purpose.

And music. Music can be like the snap of your fingers as a mood changer, don’t you think? I have a few playlists with special upbeat choices on my phone that I can easily plug in earbuds and listen to on those days when I need some extra inspiration. Praise and worship music does wonders for improving my outlook on whatever situation I’m dealing with, so I have bookmarked several key selections that I can put on repeat on a particularly draining day.

I have felt much more centered since I got back to replenishing myself in these ways. Even when I get so busy that it seems I can’t fit another thing in – if I pay attention to these things, it refreshes me, and allows me to be more positive, productive and centered.

How do your nourish your mind and spirit?