No more maybes

Photo courtesy of Visionello (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Visionello (Creative Commons)

Maybe is a dream killer. Whenever I qualify a statement with the word “maybe” then I’m dooming myself to inaction.

For years, I told myself, “maybe I could be a writer.” So for years, I wasn’t a writer.

When I finally said, “I am a writer!” – my dream became a reality. Same with running – when I quit thinking, “I’d like to try to run,” and just started running, I realized I was a runner!

What does that even mean? “I’m going to try…”

By thinking that, I’ve already given myself an out – I am giving myself permission to fail – to not do whatever it is I really need or want to do.

Just like when I tell someone that I’ll “try” to meet them for lunch or a particular activity, or that I “should” to do this or that – just by using that terminology, I’m admitting that it likely will not happen.

Don’t you do the same thing? How many times do you really do whatever it is you’ve told yourself or others you will “try” to do?

To me, using those words are disingenuous. I’m hedging my bets. I’m telling someone (or myself) one thing, all the while knowing that I really mean something else.

So I plan to banish those words from my vocabulary! I will banish “try,” “should,” “maybe” and “ought to” and replace them with words that are positive and decisive – do, direct, go, stop, yes, no.

No more trying! No more maybe! Instead, I will be more honest with myself and those with whom I interact. I will write, I will run. I will make up my mind and do. Or I will admit that it is not the right time and I won’t do.

I feel free just climbing out from under the ambiguity that “try” imposes. Strength and decisiveness make me sit up taller and feel more powerful. No more wishy-washy waffling, but action only here.

What maybes can you banish?

2 thoughts on “No more maybes

  1. Reminds me of the quote from Yoda: “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

    My wife gets frustrated at me for using words like this. I think I tend to do this because I don’t want to promise something I’m not sure I can follow through on. And this is mainly because of over-commitment. And that is because of not being wise with my yes and no. The Bible does tell us that our yes should be yes and our no should be no.

    • I totally agree Joshua – I have found myself saying maybe and try more lately and yes and no less. May we both get better at yes and no!

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