No more if, should or try

new wordsI’m changing my vocabulary.

I’m tired of the negative energy I feel from saying things like, “it would be great if that happens” or “I should do that.” And you know what happens when I say, “yes, I’ll try to get that done”? You are right – whatever “that” is never gets done.

When I use words like “if,” “should” and “try,” I’m basically making an excuse, and telling myself and the world that I have no intention of doing whatever it is I said I would try to do.

Now let’s say a more powerful action phrase like “I will,” or “I intend to.” Take one of your goals and verbalize it as “I intend to (whatever your goal is).” Doesn’t that feel different? Doesn’t that make you feel more in control? Don’t you believe you will do it?

In a sense, using more powerful language gives me the permission to do something great. I’m allowing myself to believe that it can be done, which is half the battle in many cases.

An example is my goal to run a marathon this year. I have been running seriously for over a year now, and when people would ask if I was training, I’d tell them that I wasn’t, but that I “should” train for a race. Honestly though, I didn’t believe I could do it, so that was my way of brushing them and the suggestion off as an impossibility.

But after enrolling in Chris Brogan’s Brave New Year course, I realized how I was discounting myself and my abilities.

When I dared to believe that I could finish a race, my whole attitude changed. Suddenly it’s not something I might do someday, or it would be cool if I could do it. I WILL run this race, and I INTEND to finish. What a different mindset that brings on.

The really wonderful side benefit is the confidence that it breeds in other areas of my life. I find myself sitting up a little taller, and looking at opportunities a little differently now. Yes, I could do THIS or THAT, whereas I would have shied away before.

Now when I hear myself saying if, should or try. I stop. I reword the sentence. And I feel the energy change.

How amazing that just changing a few of the words that I say can create such a life-changing shift.

What words are holding you back?