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Photo courtesy of Rupert Ganzer (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Rupert Ganzer (Creative Commons)

I don’t quite understand how my email program determines what is junk mail and what isn’t. I am fascinated by the things that get tagged with the “spam detection” label, including some (but not all) emails from my mom, no matter how many times I click the little box “not junk.”

It is nice though, when I’m scrolling through, to know that at least a first swipe has been made to eliminate possibly harmful messages and make me at least take a second look before opening and launching some kind of virus.

I wish I had a spam filter on the negative voices that sometimes haunt me. There are a bunch I want to just send to junk mail.

They are the ones that start whispering when things are going well that it’s too good to be true and something bad is just about to happen. They keep me on edge looking for the bad thing instead of enjoying the good. There are the ones that tell me I’m not good enough or can’t do something.

Or the ones that revel when something does go wrong and hint that it’s just the beginning of the bad day (or week) I have ahead. You know, the voice that says, “Nothing ever goes right for me,” or “It figures that would happen to me, what is next?”

There are also certain trigger words, like the word “hate.” Do you catch yourself falling into that trap? I hate waiting in line. I hate when my computer locks up. I hate having to sit here on hold. I hate people who…

What I find is that if I am so busy saying that I hate something, I am already traveling down that negative road and drowning out the voice that could be suggesting a simple solution or work around.

Instead of dwelling on the thing that I dislike, I can make the best of the situation by using the time constructively. I could use the time spent in that line to check email or text a friend. Before I make that call where I will likely be on hold, I can gather some work I could do while I wait. Then I won’t start off the conversation sounding annoyed!

You can get so used to hearing those negative voices kind of as an undercurrent to your life that you don’t realize how demoralizing they are. And how contagious they are. It can be like Pigpen on Charlie Brown with waves of negativity around you, threatening to spread to anyone nearby.

They keep you doubting the good you can do, what you can accomplish, and the joy you can experience. By listening to those voices regularly, you may be living your life at less than your potential.

What negative voices do you need to send to junk mail?

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