My Three Words for 2013

3 words 2013Over the last few years, I’ve followed Chris Brogan, and read about his three words in lieu of resolutions. It seemed like an interesting idea, but then last year, I actually tried it.

This was the most powerful tool I’ve ever used for growth and development during the year. The act of viewing actions and decisions through the lens of those three words forced me to focus and improve in leaps and bounds over previous years.

So drum roll please … after much deliberation, I present my three words for 2013:


JOURNEY – I intend to engage in my journey of growth rather than focus only on the end result. I will revel in the failures because that’s my chance to learn even more. I look forward to the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things and learn more than I have ever learned in my Brave New Year (affiliate link) travels.

APPRECIATE – One of my regrets is that I fail to recognize the people who make my life so rich because I tend to focus so much on the task or the goal – I also fail to appreciate many experiences that would deepen my enjoyment of life. This year, that will change.  I intend to spend time showing my appreciation of people verbally, in writing, and in actions. A supply of cards and a pen will be always handy and “Thank You Thursday” will be a regular part of my week (thank you Matt McWilliams).

DELIGHT – I work too hard and stay too focused. I need to enjoy life more. I intend to seek experiences that delight me, as well as ways to delight people around me. After all, that’s what life is about, right?

As I have pondered these words, I realize how critical each is separately, yet how beautifully they work together, and in all areas of my life from physical, spiritual, family, friends, work. Since I view embarking on a new year more as a continuation of a trip rather than launching a new expedition, these words expand on my words from 2012 (connect, train, enjoy).

I will post monthly progress at the first of each month as a way to hold myself accountable, and hopefully encourage you in your journey through the year.

So now I have to ask – what are your three words?

10 thoughts on “My Three Words for 2013

  1. Wonderful words for the upcoming year. Many people leave life up to chance. People who call the focus of their life have opportunities for serendipity to be realized. My three words are Details (as in the magazine), Suze (as in Orman), and Guru. Details reminds me to cultivate interesting facts, and stories that people can relate to and with me, Suze reminds me to be compelling and clear in my communication, and Guru reminds me to focus on balancing my life and being disciplined to gain insight and benefit. Thanks for asking!

    • Great words Chris. I especially like Guru – nice idea to be both balanced and disciplined. And you did not go where I expected with Suze -nice twist. Thanks for commenting!

    • Stan, thank you. Look forward to more connecting with you this year, and hoping I can get back to the hangouts!

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