My 3-word update for October

Instead of New Year’s resolutions this year, I chose three words to keep me focused during the year based on the recommendation of Chris Brogan, New York Times bestselling author and master blogger.

My words this year are CONNECT, TRAIN, and ENJOY. You can read more about how I chose those words here. Surprisingly, seeing everything through the lens of these words has been much more beneficial than a resolution since all areas of my  life are impacted. And really, how often have you actually accomplished your resolutions? Don’t you spend the year avoiding them and then feeling guilty?

I have knocked CONNECT out of the park! Not only have I connected more with people at work and church, but I am now part of several online communities, one of which has become like a family, praying and caring for each other and even meeting in person despite living in spots all over the country. Surprisingly, all four online communities were made possible through my writing.

On a physical level, I am doing great with TRAIN, doing longer runs more consistently and continuing my yoga practice daily. As far as reading and “training” my mind, I have challenged myself with more books than I can even count lately. Inspiration has come from attending 3 recent conferences for leadership and goal setting. A work goal of conducting more training has not been met with much success, so need to continue working on that front. I am also taking an online blogging class to improve my writing skills.

Now, for the word that is the greatest challenge: ENJOY. Yes, I have “enjoyed” the writing, reading, connecting and training. But I need to continue to seek activities that are purely for enjoyment – like a free afternoon spent with friends or … There is the problem – I don’t even know what else to suggest! Definitely need to work on that.

Now, for next year, I’m already considering what words to choose. In what areas do I need to grow? What skills do I need to practice? It is still early, so this may change, but I’m thinking FOCUS, DELIVER, APPRECIATE – at least for now.

I challenge you now to start thinking – what will your 3 words be for 2013?