More than words can express

readingI can usually whip out at least a few words for most any situation, whether good or bad. I’m pretty good at describing my feelings, my joys, my struggles.

But I am at a loss right now.

I have not yet found the right adjectives to define how full my heart is.

Incredible. Unbelievable. Amazing. Phenomenal. None of these captures what I am feeling.

You see, I met my running buddy last weekend.

I am part of I Run 4 (read more here), a group in which we match runners and other athletes with buddies who cannot run but who struggle with a variety of special needs. We dedicate our miles to them and workout in their honor.

I Run 4 Bennett, a little boy who has Down syndrome, and who inspires me every day. As his “running mom,” I have run over 2,360 miles for him since we were matched in March of 2013. I message his sweet parents every day and we have built an incredible friendship, but until last weekend, we had never met in person.

What an experience it was when Bennett reached to me the minute I walked in, and wanted to be hugged and held. What an experience to spend time with his mom and dad who have accepted me as part of their family.

I sat on the floor to read to him, and he climbed in my lap and got settled and ready before I could even get my legs crossed! What a cherished memory that will be!

My heart ached at having to leave, and yet it soared with the sheer happiness of the memories of our time spent together.

Since I’ve been back, running has taken on even more meaning because every single mile brings back those sweet moments. I never realized how inspiring it can be to run for someone – suddenly running is not about you anymore – it’s not how hard I work or how many miles I log for the sake of running – it is getting out there even when I don’t feel like it because I’m doing it for him. It’s spending that time praying for him, thinking about him and wishing the best for him no matter what he is struggling with. And it is celebrating his milestones and progress and cheering him on to success.

I am very blessed that I Run 4 Bennett!