Moments of wonderful

sunriseI get mired in the everyday muck of worries, chores and have to’s. What about you?

I forget to look up and pay attention to the often wonderful things happening around me, because I am too busy checking things off my task list and quickly moving on to the next thing.

What am I missing?

Instead of seeing how much I can check off, I need to be noticing and cherishing the special moments that are happening every day all around me.

Yesterday when I was running, I glanced up to see the sky a fiery red – the sky was a pale pink, then in a moment it was brilliance. Not long after, the sky was gray and dull, as if it had been that way all along. Only I knew its secret.

A few days before I had looked over across the street just in time to see a deer – still and quiet near the trees. She just watched me and when I glanced back she was gone – it felt almost as if I had imagined her there.

If I can notice these moments when I am running, why does that ability not spill over into the rest of my day? What opportunities to connect more deeply with my world and my friends am I overlooking because I’m too busy to pick up the phone or send a quick email – or start a conversation? Am I so preoccupied with what else I have to do that I miss the chance to make memories?

Not long ago, I ventured into a new bookstore and was looking around at the books. A few people passed me but I was only minimally aware because I was focused on the books. Later, one of the sales people asked if I needed help. I just said I was exploring, and that it was nice to be in a bookstore after my years at Borders. She got a funny look on her face and asked if I had worked with Andy. She took me up to the front where he was standing and turns out we had worked together and we had a delightful conversation of reminiscing and catching up. Evidently he was one of the people who passed me earlier, but I did not notice – and what a pleasant talk I would have missed if left to my own devices.

I’m not entirely sure how to fix this problem, but I am renewing my resolve to increase my awareness of my world and my moments.

What about you? How can you cherish more of the special moments in your life?