Message Monday

Photo courtesy of Tanakawho (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Tanakawho (Creative Commons)

I don’t know about you but I love to get mail – well, I should qualify that as “happy” mail. I’m not talking about bills or all the junk mail that just gets tossed, but actual letters.

And letters are rare these days.

People are so digitally connected that the norm is an email or text or Facebook message. That’s great and instant, but can sometimes feel distant.

The other day I got a card from a friend – just for no reason. I was opening it before I even walked away from the mailbox and it made me smile. Kind of a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

And then I realized I don’t even remember the last time I sent a card or note to someone (Christmas card don’t count).

So my solution is going to be “Message Monday.” I’m going to MAIL (with a stamp and everything) a card or note to someone dear to me each Monday. For no particular reason. Just to let them know I am thinking of them or to share a memory of time we spent together.

I don’t expect a thing in return, but it will be my quiet way of staying connected in a busy world. Maybe it will make them take a moment away from the craziness and smile. And remember that they are loved.

Who should you message this Monday?