Making time for what’s important

Photo courtesy of Euan Semple (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Euan Semple (Creative Commons)

When you get busy, what is the first thing that slides?

I know for me, it’s connecting with the people who are close to me. And that is the last thing I need to let go of.

But as the pressure builds, I get more focused on whatever project or deadline is looming, my emails get shorter or nonexistent, my texts more abrupt, I stop reaching out and only give delayed responses when others reach out to me. I lose my focus on what should be truly important and hone in on what is fleeting and temporary.

I also lose track of myself. I don’t eat right and I don’t take the time I need for rest.

Not good.

I’m in that place right now, and need to be sure to turn that around quickly. Having just moved, I’m feeling overwhelmed and behind and frantic. And I realized this morning that I’ve neglected to touch base with some people who mean a lot to me, and I’m working way too late into the night trying to catch up.

The funny thing is, the more disconnected I become, the more ineffective I am.

So it’s time to get some priorities straight and get back on track.

Today I will be intentional about reconnecting with my closest friends and family. That doesn’t even mean a long visit, but more than a short text. I will set myself a time limit for working so that I don’t just “work until I drop.” And I will schedule time this weekend for at least one fun opportunity with someone I care about.

What about you? What steps will you take to reconnect with those who are important?