Make the most of your life

pooh cloudIf you were taken to heaven today, would you be ready? Do you make the most of each day? Do you consistently tell those you care about how you feel?

I’m afraid I don’t always. And I tend to get so caught up in planning and doing and wanting that I miss precious moments now.

I forget to be thankful for what I do have because I’m too busy looking for what I don’t have.

That needs to change.

I received news this week that the spouse of a dear friend has had a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and yet this couple has such strong faith and such a positive outlook that they are a lesson for everyone else. To face such a scary prospect confident that their lives are in God’s hands and that He holds them both is an inspiration and an encouragement to everyone they meet.

Eyes open and alert is the way I want to approach life! There is such beauty and glory all around me that I miss every day, relationships I don’t cultivate because of the pressures of life, opportunities I miss because I’m caught up in the details of the moment.

Starting now, I will embrace every day in a new way, ready to drink in the goodness, head up and ready to make a difference. I want to take the time to nurture close relationships with friends and family, take advantage of the prospects presented me, and pay attention to the beauty of God’s world.

How will you make the most of your life?

2 thoughts on “Make the most of your life

  1. I’m So Sorry To Hear About Your Friend, Carol. Love The New Focus, Though. 🙂

    PS: No Idea Why My Phone Is Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each WOrd.

    • Thank you Leanne – and your initial caps really emphasize your comment! Enjoy your vacation!

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