Magic Time

For those of you who know me well, this will come as no surprise. I am not spontaneous. I am a planner, and spontaneous is and never will be a characteristic I embrace.

But, I have realized that I do need to lighten up a bit. I always have a list, always have more to do than can possibly be done in a reasonable time period. And even when I collapse at night or on the weekend, it’s usually not relaxing for the fun of it, I’m avoiding something else or have flat run out of energy.

But this morning, I watched one of my cats race around the apartment, singing – yes, singing aaaaaooooooohhhhhhh – down the hall (it echoes and he seems to like that sound). He would run and stop by the laundry room so his back end kind of kept sliding.

Just for the pure joy of it. Magic time.

And I realized – what do I do for the pure joy of it?

I just read Andy Andrew’s ebook The Perfect Moment and realized that I’m usually so focused on whatever task I’m doing, that I miss a lot of perfect moments.

So my goal this weekend is to be open to some perfect moments and seek joy.

Whether that’s pausing to enjoy the sunrise, or smelling the intoxicating scent of magnolias during my run, or spending precious time with friends. The focus will be on ENJOY!

What brings you pure joy?