Lost in the moment

Photo courtesy of Lucas Sherwood (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Lucas Sherwood (Creative Commons)

I got up to get more coffee, and happened to glance at the clock. Nearly 7:00 am. What?

I noticed then that it was light outside. I realized I needed to hustle to get ready for an appointment. And I was in heaven.

I had just lost about 2 hours being completely absorbed in my writing and oblivious to time or anything around me.

I had gotten up early so it was still dark and quiet, and the words just started to flow. What a joy and privilege to be so “in my zone” that I didn’t even notice that it was getting light. Usually I am hyper-vigilent about the time, my schedule, and my lengthy list of things still to do. No matter what I’m doing, my brain is firing off all the other things that are waiting, whether or not they need to be done that minute. Actually, most often they do not need to be done that minute but there my mind is, reminding me constantly.

And honestly, it’s that list of things to do that’s in my head that keeps me from finding my zone very often.

But I’m taking steps to correct that.

As a follower of David Allen and his Getting Things Done methodology, I sporadically do a brain dump, and try to maintain good lists. But more often than not, I do that once, keep it up a day or two and then I’m back to old habits of just trying to remember what I need to get done. And that is just not effective.

Lately, I’ve been trying out a new app on both my computer and phone with better success. It’s called Trello, and it lets me add things to my lists in categories and on the fly – which makes me more likely to use it. That means once I add something, I am more likely to go back to it later to be reminded of what I need to do.

Other things apps that I’ve tried, including plain paper and pen, frustrate me because it takes too long to get to the app, or I don’t have paper in front of me, or if I do, then I stash it somewhere and forget about it, and then I’m back to trying to remember what it was I needed to do.

At any rate, I’ve been getting better about getting things out of my head, and it frees up so much space for other things!

At work, I’m finding myself able to focus better on each project to make better progress. When I’m running, I can practice mindfulness and let go of all the annoying “noise” in my head and just enjoy the run. Having a conversation with someone means I can concentrate on the conversation, and not all the other things I need to be doing.

And I can get lost for two hours in my writing.

How do you keep your head clear so you can be “in the moment”?

2 thoughts on “Lost in the moment

  1. aha… GTD works well with Trello I think. My icon is on my home screen on my smart phone. And that does lend itself to using it mover. I also love that checklist thing, created from a notepad, that was in the video.

  2. I’m still working on getting my head clear. Squirrels and rabbits seem to follow me everywhere. 🙂

    However, I have sometimes found it helpful to get a couple small things done, and that helps to clear my head enough to focus for a little while.

    I started going through GTD, but I have other books and projects I need to finish. I read the first couple chapters, but haven’t gotten too far with follow through. I did get a label maker, though 🙂 I hope to get back to this when the school year is over.

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