Looking for the good

Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes (Creative Commons)

Ever have one of those weeks where everything feels off? Your plans fall through or get changed unexpectedly. Work is more challenging than you expect, you have extra responsibilities or commitments, or things go wrong at home.

I’ve had several weeks like that recently, and I’m afraid that at first, I let it get to me. I ended up frustrated and grouchy. I dreaded each new day for fear it would be more of the same. And guess what? It was more of the same because I had expected it.

It would have been easy to sink further down in a funk, but I finally realized I needed to reset my expectations.

Instead of facing each new day thinking the worst, I tried expecting the best. What I found is that it was easier to focus on the many good things that were happening instead of the few bad ones.

Honestly, during those challenging weeks, it was only a few things that went horribly wrong, but that was what I focused on. That was what I brought home, took to bed, and got up with each day. So of course, the good things blended into the background until they were forgotten.

Now I’m focusing on the good things so that the bad things blend into the background more often.

I am starting my day looking for even the smallest happy things – the sunrise, birds singing, a smile or nice comment from a co-worker. Starting my day by resetting my expectations that there WILL be good things in spite of the bad, seems to help me find more good than bad.

How can you look for the good even in bad situations?


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  1. I’ve found that if I start things off with a positive thought, it stays that way a lot longer than if I start it off with some bad memories. Everything you need is here, you just have to ask for it.

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