Look up

Do you ever get so inwardly focused that you forget to look up? You miss things going on around you?

I got a huge reminder to pay attention this morning on my run. I’ve had a week of muddy thoughts and frustrating distractedness and the run this morning started out as something else to check off my to do list.

But as I turned a corner, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the sunrise – which lasted only a short time before the dull gray rain clouds returned.


And you would think that would be enough to snap me to attention. But no, I sank back into myself until a slight movement caught my attention. This time is was 5 deer, 3 of which were young, in a spot I don’t usually see deer. They were so beautiful and peaceful. That made me stop (yes, my running time was awful this morning since I forgot to hit pause on my running app!).

But these two events made me realize I need to look outward not inward. No telling what else I’m missing.

What about you – who or what do you need to be noticing?


2 thoughts on “Look up

    • Thanks Pat – I’ve been guilty of too much rushing lately. Enjoy the noticing!

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