Living through my Three Words

3 words 2014My three focus words serve as a touchstone for me, a way to course-correct frequently in order to stay on target for improvement. They keep me grounded. They keep me focused.

This year, my three words have been MOMENT, BALANCE, and DIRECT (read more here), and what I have found this year that is different from past years, is that they have been more a part of me. Usually, I stray and have to make a conscious effort to revisit the words periodically. But I find myself living them out this year, a part of every day and everything I do.

The other difference this year is that all three have been equally important. Usually one word will rise above the others as more impactful, but these words have worked together with even more power than I could have imagined.

DIRECT has been the starting point, and has led to better decisions of what to do and not do, what to continue and what to step away from. Whether related to work, church, or personal decisions, I have felt more in control by staying focused on directing my actions instead of letting my life be managed by others. There is great power in that word, and even though it means facing my fears at times, it also results in a happier mindset because I know that I am controlling those things I can control.

Directing leads to more BALANCE, and being more cognizant of how I’m using my time. Yes, I work a lot and have a lot of commitments, but I have also made sure to spend time reading, enjoying family and friends, and resting. Balance also plays into my fitness, with more weight training and stretching instead of just running. Even my food habits have been more balanced, and I have begun cooking a little more and making sure my meals are healthy and delicious, not just quick.

The other piece of each of these actions has been to live in the MOMENT more often. No, not always. There are still days when I can’t tell you what I did, or where the time went. But more often than ever before, I’ve been more aware of experiences, and noticed more by staying in the moment instead of thinking about what’s to come or dwelling on the past.

As I start choosing my three words for 2015, I will continue to live through these words, but the new ones will add an additional layer of focus and intention. I am amazed at the process because it is almost like the words choose themselves – I will hear or read the same word often and it seems to stick with me. I’ve had a running list since summer, and some just resonate more than others and get left on the list while others fall off. By January 1, I will have made my decision and will post the new words for the new year!

What three words will you choose for 2015?