Listening to the voice of discipline

Photo courtesy of crypto (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of crypto (Creative Commons)

I was talking to a fellow runner the other day and we were commiserating at how hard it is to stay motivated in the winter – in warm weather, I happily suit up to run every day, no second thoughts (well, only occasionally). But when the weather is cold, windy and nasty, it gets harder to keep running every day. I just want to curl up with more coffee under a blanket and stay in!

That’s when I have to listen to the right voice. That’s when the voice of discipline needs to be louder.

If left to my own devices, then I would not run. I would let that voice of comfort talk me into staying in every day. “It’s too cold to even go to the gym,” it would say. “You are going to FREEZE out there, maybe today should be a rest day.” “One day off won’t hurt.” “One MORE day off won’t hurt.”

But you know how it is, one unplanned rest day leads to more rest days and before I know it, I’m lazy and putting on weight and losing the fitness I have worked so hard for. Not to mention the whole negative mindset that giving in to that voice sets up.

Instead, I listen to the voice of discipline – that’s the one that says, “Yes it’s cold, but you can bundle up and you will feel so much better when you are finished.”

That’s the voice I need to listen to in order to reach my goals. I want to hear it loud and clear as I start a new year, as I make my plans, as I set my goals.

What voice are you listening to?

One thought on “Listening to the voice of discipline

  1. My inner voice has Pizza Tourettes. Regardless of whether I run or not, rest day or run day it keeps shouting out toppings it wants to eat. I have to judge by whether anyone is looking at me to determine if I said, “Pepperoni, garlic sausage and ham” out loud. 🙂

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